Some people are born with power. Others buy into it.
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PostSubject: BRECHT 'DUTCH' VAN HERTEN   BRECHT 'DUTCH' VAN HERTEN EmptyTue Feb 26, 2013 3:08 pm

Name: Brecht 'Dutch' Van Herten
Age: 29 (but looks a little younger)
Gender: Male

Do they have powers/ use shots: Enhanced regeneration
Strengths/Weaknesses of power:
Strengths: Able to regenerate any injury and is in essence immortal, has stopped aging, but he's yet to realise it, small wounds like grazes and shallow cuts heal near instantly
Weaknesses: still feels pain, needs to make his abilities as covert as possible due to the high demand for shots to do with regeneration, more severe wounds take a longer time to heal, i.e. regenerating limbs takes about ten minutes, not immune too illness/ sickness and is particularly pro to colds and flu, more than a little traumatized by some of the injuries he's gotten that should have killed him,

Appearance: Like you'd expect from a Dutchman, Dutch is tall, coming in at about 6'5", he's got dirty blonde hair kept pulled back by a frankly unnecessary amount of hair gel, and sunken in cheeks that help to extenuate his cheekbones and pointed nose. Frame wise he's very lanky with little muscle definition and tends to look a slightly sickly all year round, helped by the bags under his eyes from mass lack of sleep. Clothing wise Dutch has little to no taste, most often seen sporting loud Hawaiian shirts, gold blazers and white slacks with a fake gold watch and gold necklace. Sure, he could probably afford better, but does he buy better? No as if he'd waste money on clothes.
Personality: Dutch is often referred to as an unpleasant kind of guy, he has poor manners, talks without thinking or considering other people's feelings and people that know him jokingly ask why more people haven't shot him. The sort of man that would sell his own mother for the right price, he's quite well known for his love of gaining money and never spending it as well as being a complete coward and trying to worm his way out of any work he's given. Due to a combination of knowing how much people would give for his powers and the mass amounts of drugs he consumes, he's also paranoid a lot of the time about people, assuming that they are all as quick to sell him out as he would be to sell them out and it's hard for him to make connections with people (his crazy girlfriend didn't help at all), generally preferring to be alone than to hang out with others unless they've proven reliable.

Occupation: Drug-dealer, also sells power shots/ bites, he's not fussy what he sells as long as he gets money for it

Background: Born in Rotterdam, Dutch was largely unaware of his powers, the closest being when he fell out of a tree as a child and broke his legs only for them to heal before his parents could get him to the hospital and the doctor to tell them that he'd been lucky and was completely fine. At age eighteen Dutch decided that he'd study in America after meeting a girl online considering that even if they didn't work out he'd still get to go to a good medical school and train to be a doctor as well as spend time in another country. Only problem was that Dutch is an ass and his girlfriend caught him in bed with another woman shortly after they got there, after apologizing to her and making up several excuses, he was a little unnerved by how easily she forgave him, knowing full well that his excuses hadn't been that great-- although the next thing he knew everything went black and suddenly he was tied to a chair with said girlfriend pointing a shotgun at his face and going off into a rant about how 'if she couldn't have him no one could', shooting him point blank in the face and running off. Obviously this was when he realised he was able to regenerate (although he's still a little traumatized by the memory of seeing his head slowly rebuilding itself over the course of an hour in his reflection). After that he dropped out of university, moving to a different one and getting two years in before realising said crazy girlfriend was stalking him and threatening to sell him out as a freak for regenerating his head and causing Dutch to panic and quickly drop out of his second university without warning and running off to the other side of the country. Upon getting to Westport he quickly found himself out of pocket, agreeing to sell some drugs for a guy and ending up caught up in mafia business and selling on some of the first power bites, only for the creators to find out about Dutch's abilities and then selling him for a large amount of money to the same group that had kidnapped Meyer and for them to make shots out of his abilities. The shots themselves are still yet to be stabilized, and Dutch is lucky in that they want to keep him around to make sure none of their enemies get their hands on it whilst still taking DNA samples from him routinely so make them for themselves.

Strengths: Heals quickly, surprisingly smart, especially when it comes to medical knowledge
Weaknesses: Almost always puts himself first, super untrusting of strangers, but once he gets to know them he tends to be stupidly trusting, generally a pretty unpleasant person, physically weak, tends to offend the wrong people with his bluntness

Other: usually carrying around a hand gun for defense purpose, addicted to cocaine, but due to powers most of side effects are toned down unless he has a l o t of it, like the amount that would kill a normal person, Dutch accent is barely noticeable in speech, but it's there
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