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 No Funny Business [ OPEN | DUTCH ]

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PostSubject: No Funny Business [ OPEN | DUTCH ]   No Funny Business [ OPEN | DUTCH ] EmptyTue Feb 26, 2013 4:07 pm

Dutch muttered under his breath, not overly pleased that he was still stuck doing such menial tasks like this-- driving a stolen car to a chop shop. Wasn't this the sort of thing they got kids to do for quick cash rather than doing it themselves?

Or maybe it was people like his that just took the initiative to pay kids to do it. Not that he'd ever waste money like that. He was perfectly capable of driving it-- despite having just been complaining about it moments ago. Suddenly the concept of saving a few bucks made the task more bearable... But he'd still rather be doing something else.

But that wasn't the only reason he'd been sent to do it. His superiors had become suspicious of this one establishment, certain that they were doing damage to the cars somehow to force them to pay for repairs. It wasn't much money they were losing in the grand scheme of things, but more they fact that they thought they could pull a fast one on them and not surprisingly they were none too pleased. Dutch sighed once he got closer, sending a brief text message to whoever was there to alert them that he was almost there and to just let him in, making sure that he had his gun on him in case any funny business went down while he was there.

He didn't know much about cars but he'd been told that there was definitely nothing wrong with it, and to let them know if they tried to pull a fast one on him.

He pulled up to the garage after a few minutes, waiting for them to let him in and boredly running a hand through his already flat hair as though it'd make any difference.
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PostSubject: Re: No Funny Business [ OPEN | DUTCH ]   No Funny Business [ OPEN | DUTCH ] EmptyTue Feb 26, 2013 8:17 pm

Arseny was usually the last one in the shop. For one, it was more money. For another, he didn't want to go home, And the smallest reason that he blew up to the largest (to make it seem as if he could go home to a loving family any time he wanted but chose not to) was because the boss paid for cable tv in the garage. He in particular liked cartoons. Another reason why no one liked to be around him much-- despite his appearance.

He was replacing the gas tank in a car what's old tank had been corroded by the gasoline, yet seemingly driving well and not at all exploding. He knew just what to say when the owner saw the bill for the thing they didn't think needed fixing. "You know, you never know what's wrong until it's too late. I think I've probably saved your life." And they would look at his face and not believe it, because he was lying... but who really trusted a man who looked and sounded like himself.

But a bill was a bill and it needed to be paid, and he felt lucky to be a superhuman (some might say "subhuman") asset to the shop. He'd never be fired.

His light blue eyes swiveled to watch headlights turn off in front of the garage windows. He opened it and light poured out into the street, casting a shadow on the front of him and making him look much more menacing than he really was. He stared at the man and his car for a moment, and, not caring to do much more work, he said, "We're almost closed, but what do you want?"
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No Funny Business [ OPEN | DUTCH ]
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