Some people are born with power. Others buy into it.
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PostSubject: XAVIER 'XERO' MEYER   XAVIER 'XERO' MEYER EmptyTue Feb 26, 2013 12:58 am

Name: Xavier 'Xero' Meyer
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Do they have powers/ use shots: Electrokinesis and electricity generation
Strengths/Weaknesses of power:
Strengths: can use his abilities to power electronics on the go, able to generate up to around a million volts before injuring himself, can generate more but can't hold it in for very long, able to zap people for fun, immune to static shocks from shopping trolleys
Weaknesses: unable to stop generating electricity fully and needs to discharge constantly or it builds up, has a habit of blowing fuses and especially lighting fixtures, even more so when annoyed or angry and tends to spark up, if he tries to hold in too much electricity for too long he'll either discharge it all suddenly against his will or start doing nerve damage to himself, able to absorb bolts of electricity from other electrokinetics, but unable to absorb electricity from other generators and needs to charge himself up before he's able to do anything with his powers

Appearance: 6'0", white hair and violet eyes generally deemed to be related to the mutation that also gives him his abilities, square face and clearly Germanic facial structure. Tends to wear comfortable casual clothes unless the occasion calls for him to dress smartly but dislikes clothes that draw too much attention to himself, what with his hair and eyes, the near constantly giving people static shocks, and most people that know anything about the history of power shots knowing that he's the one who's DNA started it, he thinks he gets enough attention as it is. Fond of game shirts and pale from sitting inside playing video games all day. Hair is usually kept fairly short gelled back due to it having a habit of standing on end courtesy of the electricity.

Personality: super introverted, modest and dislikes bragging about anything other than his skills at video games, r e a l l y bad at socialising with people his own age due to being kept inside for most of his life, tends to be insensitive at times, hates crowds, bad at thinking plans through, really bad at talking about emotions, usually good at keeping calm but certain subjects have a shorter fuse than others (namely his powers, physical appearance and his parents), likes to spoil his friends and as such has a bad habit of befriending people that are only interested in his money, tends to be untrusting of people

Occupation: Student, studying physics and unsure what he's actually going to do with said degree in physics

Background: Born and raised uptown by a rich scientist and a successful business woman, Xero has never really known what it's like to not have what he wanted, his parents getting him whatever he wanted in an attempt to make up for being at work most of the time. At the age of five his father look some of his DNA, using it to finish off the first power shot and continued to do so in small amounts until the electrokinesis shots were perfected. During this time Xero was homeschooled, his parents worried about what would happen if he mixed with other kids that couldn't electrocute each other. When he was fifteen his father was kidnapped by the mafia to create more power shots and Xero is adamant that he's still alive and is intent on finding him. After a two year gap and two years of his mother complaining at him for doing nothing but sitting on his backside playing video games for two years, he started college at the age of twenty, deciding that he had enough control of his powers to go to an actual college.

Strengths: very capable when focused, smart as balls about physics and other such sciencey things and things that fall under his interests, p decent fighter and enjoys kickboxing, he's a walking battery, tends to be good at being optimistic most of the time despite his father still being missing,
Weaknesses: has no idea how to socialise with people face to face, has no concept of the value of money due to being spoilt for pretty much all of his life, tends to zap people without meaning to, still not really in control of his powers most of the time, obnoxiously stubborn when called out on anything, homeschooled until college level so really wow how do talk to people??, lightweight when it comes to holding drink

Other: Kind of famous since most people know he's where the original electrokinetic power shots came from, really hates when people ask why he's into physics and not biology like his dad or just business like his mother, kind of really rich, likes to exercise and is p good at kickboxing, the name "Xero" comes from his gamer tag and just sort of stuck because the name Xavier doesn't really suit him as far as he's concerned
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