Some people are born with power. Others buy into it.
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PostSubject: SAMUEL KNIGHT   SAMUEL KNIGHT EmptyTue Feb 26, 2013 1:14 am

Name: Samuel Knight (Actually Lance Anderson, but you're not meant to know that)
Age: 46
Gender: Male

Do they have powers/ use shots: No, but occasionally uses invincibility shots that would allow him to steel plate his skin if he wanted to. Though uses it very seldom out of paranoia that he'll become addicted and become some freak of nature
Strengths/Weaknesses of power:
Strengths: you wanna shoot him good luck getting through steel mate
Weaknesses: takes a few seconds to fully cover his skin in plating, as it wears off the steel become thinner and thinner and providing less protection, takes even longer to de-steel himself, becomes considerably slower when weighed down by all that metal.

Appearance: 6'2", mostly brown hair with grey at the sides, blue eyes, well defined face with a strong jaw, always has a smug grin on his face, always, wears only the finest quality designer suits, usually in grey with coloured shirts/ties and to top it all off wears an overcoat over the top of it.

Personality: very proud and headstrong, but also very easily made paranoid about things, tends to blame himself for his wife's death, arrogant, has that 'better than you' air about him-- and won't deny it, will just laugh when you suggest it, pretty fiercely protective of family and friends, you touch them and you're gonna die, excellent liar with great stage presence, likes to talk about himself, loves the sound of his own voice, dislikes people he likes getting into the mafia business, sassy old man, denies being old HE CAN BE HIP DAMN IT, has a weak spot for the underdogs

Occupation: Media tycoon, TV presenter and boss of Helmet, a mafia group masquerading as a TV production company

Background: Not exactly from the nicest upbringing, Lance was born and raised waaay off in the slums of the East Side, eventually falling in with a gang and lots of drugs, working as a weapons runner. He'd always had bigger aspirations, however, easily working his way to the top of the quickly growing group and taking over when the last leader was shot. Upon being made leader he moved the gang to the South side and bullied his way into presenting a panel show at the local tv station at twenty seven, only for them to realise he was a hit, sending him out to interview people and starting his plan to get control of it for his mafia group. Over the next decade he hired in more and more of his group, working his way up in the company and buying people out until he was on top and now in charge of a good portion of the media flow in the city, extending his reach into local newspapers and radio stations, again bullying them to print and broadcast what he wants them to. He and his wife, Jackie, met whilst they were both in the gang, eventually getting married when she was pregnant. Not long after this, several other original gang members started to get a little unruly, claiming that Lance, now known more commonly as Samuel Knight, had become too domestic and forgotten his roots and the entire reason why they'd taken over the media in the first place. In the wake of an argument Jackie was kidnapped and Lance was called to come get her in a very short amount of time or they'd kill her. Obviously, they had no intention of not killing her, setting up numerous traps to slow him down and ultimately preventing him reaching her in time. And four years later he's still not over it, constantly blaming himself for her murder.

Strengths: charismatic as hell just look at him, borderline untouchable for all his connections and his ability to make sure he personally keeps away from the dirty work so it can't be traced back to him, surprisingly good family man, great liar
Weaknesses: Very easily distracted by women, enjoys the attention a little to much and is borderline attention seeking, tends to fail to see consequences of unplanned action he takes, his son, loves the sound of his voice and has been known to launch into monologues at times

Other: Never not carrying a pistol, always has pictures of his son as a kid and his dead wife in his wallet, likes cigars a lot, he is a classy gentleman
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